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by Khin Swe Than  

Jesus is Real
Jesus is Real is the true story of how the God of love pursued Khin (Shirley) until she discovered His forgiveness, love, and eternal life. Readers will find themselves drawn along by her fascinating journey out of ritualistic Buddhism into a daily, personal relationship with Jesus.

I found myself saying, “Yes! Knowing God is so simple, so clear.” Jesus is Real has inspired me to trust God more and look for His presence in every aspect of my life. May you be convinced by her changed life that Jesus is Real.
-- Les Beauchamp, Senior Pastor, Trinity Church, Omaha, Nebraska.

Book Summary
This book is not a comparative study between Buddhism and Christianity. It is the depiction of a personal story of spiritual migration from a belief system to a relationship with the Living God.

Shirley’s story is quite simple; this book will encourage your heart as you see the change from religious formalism to spiritual freedom. This book will put transformation in black and white. Maybe you are a Buddhist who would like the perspective of someone that started out where you are. Here is the story of a person raised in the ideas and practice of Buddhism that came to Christ, because Jesus Is Real.

I am blessed to get acquainted with a former professor of Rangoon University, Khin (Shirley) Swe Than. Her amazing testimony, Jesus is Real, will disclose how God has changed her life in very interesting and inspiring ways. Reading her testimony will be of great impact for those who would like to do evangelistic work among Buddhists and others.
--Rev. Dr. Yawba Lasaw, Pastor at First Kachin Baptist Church of Los Angeles, and President of Kachin American Association

The application of a close relationship with Christ, vividly depicted by Khin, shows the impetus and source of living life to its fullest. This book shows in real life, how God prepares a person for special tasks suited for that person especially when the person partners with Him. Be prepared to look beyond the here and now as you read this book.
--Kolade Alabi, PhD., Senior Specialist, Novartis Consumer Health Inc


"Jesus is Real"